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We invite you to become a crucial part of our mission to support individuals and families grappling with the effects of a loved one’s addiction. By volunteering with us, you join a community of care and support that extends across the nation.

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We offer several key volunteer roles: Helpline Volunteer, Support Group Volunteer, Operations & Administration Volunteer, and Trustee. Each role serves a critical function, from facilitating support groups and managing helpline calls to administrative duties and strategic board governance. Full role descriptions are available below.

Volunteers are required to commit a minimum of two hours per week and stay for a minimum of one year (it costs AFS money if volunteers leave earlier). Most of our volunteering roles, including helpline and support group facilitation, can be performed remotely, providing flexibility to accommodate various schedules.

All volunteers undergo comprehensive training tailored to their specific roles, including remote interactive sessions, workbooks, resources and case studies facilitated by experienced addiction support practitioners. Our training equips volunteers with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively support individuals and families impacted by a loved one’s addiction. We also ensure continuous support via on-demand training sessions, a training catalogue with additional modules, debriefing and supervision.

The need for AFS’s services is significant and growing. With rising addiction issues impacting thousands, our support services are more critical than ever. We receive an average of 900 helpline calls each month, and have an ongoing waiting list for support groups.

AFS profoundly impacts the people we support, improving clients’ mental health, well-being, and social connections. Ninety-one percent of clients have reported positive effects from our support. Our volunteers are crucial to achieving these outcomes by providing our vital support services.

Volunteering at AFS allows you to significantly impact people affected by a loved one’s addiction, providing much-needed support and compassion. It offers personal growth, enhances your understanding of addiction, and improves communication skills. Your contribution will help build a resilient community and foster lasting change.

AFS requires volunteers with lived experience of addiction to have maintained abstinence for one to two years. This policy ensures the safety and well-being of all involved, reflecting our commitment to recovery and effective volunteering. We offer additional support, like weekly check-ins, to those in early recovery stages.

Once you enquire, we will arrange for you to attend an “Introduction to AFS” meeting with our CEO via Teams. After the meeting, we will invite you to apply and schedule an interview if you are still interested and available to volunteer.

Volunteer Roles

At AFS, we provide a variety of impactful volunteer roles that enable you to directly support families, carers, and friends affected by a loved one’s addiction. Each role is tailored to leverage your unique skills and interests, contributing significantly to our mission. Join us and find a volunteer opportunity that aligns with your passion.

“I volunteer at AFS to let others know you can come out the other side. I want to give people hope.”

Mary | Helpline Volunteer

Helpline Volunteer

The AFS helpline operates daily from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year, providing essential support to our service users. We need committed volunteers to handle calls, offering empathy and understanding to those in crisis.

Training spans three months and includes policy orientation, counselling basics, and hands-on practice with supervision.

Volunteers are expected to commit to at least one two-hour weekly shift. Regular monthly meetings and ongoing training sessions are also part of this role. 

Support Group Volunteer

Support groups are a central aspect of AFS’s services, offering a confidential space for individuals affected by a loved one’s addiction. These groups foster shared experiences and mutual support, empowering participants to move forward.

We seek passionate volunteers to assist our facilitators in running these groups. Your role will include attending meetings and updating our client database. Expect to dedicate about two and a half hours weekly: two hours for meetings and up to thirty minutes for administrative tasks.

Operations & Administration Volunteer

AFS relies on volunteers to ensure the smooth operation of various ongoing and ad hoc projects. We appreciate any time you can dedicate to helping us maintain our operational efficiency.


AFS is looking for dedicated individuals to enhance our board’s range of skills. Ideal candidates are motivated and successful professionals committed to providing strategic direction and ensuring our financial stability.

Volunteer Process

Enquiry Form

Submit the initial form to express your interest in volunteering with us.

Intro Call

Join an introductory call with our CEO, where you’ll view a presentation about our charity and volunteer roles.


Fill out the detailed application form to proceed with your volunteer journey.


Attend an interview with our Training and Support Manager to discuss your application and suitability.

Checks & Setup

Provide references, complete a DBS check, and set up your Addiction Family Support email account.

Induction & Training

Undergo an induction process and receive the necessary training to prepare for your role.

Start & Support

Begin your volunteer role and benefit from continuous support throughout your time with us.

Volunteer Enquiry Form

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Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one year, perform at least one two-hour shift per week, complete three flexible half-day training sessions, and participate in 1 hour and 30 minutes of supervision and support per month.
Volunteer roles are unpaid.


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